Thing, The (1982) - Original British Quad Movie Poster


Thing, The (1982) - Original British Quad Movie Poster


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Thing, The (1982). Original British Quad Movie Poster. 30" x 40" Single sided. 1982.
Director: John Carpenter

Actors: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, T K Carter, David Clennon

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Very Good 7.9 Folded.

This poster would have rated as 'excellent' had it not been for damage sustained due to it being crushed in a thin poor quality postal tube at some stage of its life - resulting in the crinkles that you can see above. The way to 'rescue' this poster would be to have it professionally linen backed, which would remove all of the crinkles. In fact linen-backing would bring it up to a near mint level.  The poster's main fold lines have virtually no wear. See this close-up photo or email for a much larger photo of the whole poster. (Linen backing would cost around 60.00)


PS The postal tubes we use feature a 6mm (1/4") wall - they are custom made for and we think they are the best in the world!


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